The BuKi-Haus - a day centre for Roma children in Romania

Social Commitment

BuKi-Hilfe für Kinder in Osteuropa e.V. is a private initiative that runs a care centre for Roma children in Cidreag, a small community in northwestern Romania.

The initiative looks after 30 children every day and offers them individual development opportunities.

The carers help the children and their families with visits to the authorities, doctors or school registration. The children have the opportunity to eat, shower and learn various live skills, such as social interaction, hygiene, nutrition, cooking, sewing, etc. The BuKi-Haus also supports the children and their families in their personal development.

Furthermore, the BuKi-Haus supports the children in their literacy and numeracy skills and accompanies them during their school years.

STADLER gladly and wholeheartedly supports this wonderful project that has come into being in our neighbouring town of Bad Saulgau.