Ballistik Separatoren

The STADLER® Ballistic Separator

With over 1.000 ballistic separators sold to date, STADLER® is a worldwide market leader.  Effective sorting of material stream begins with the STADLER® ballistic separator. The sorting takes place in different fractions:

  • Rolling and heavy materials, e.g. hollow bodies, plastic bottles, stones, wood, cans and steel sections
  • Flat and light materials, e.g. films, textiles, paper, cardboard boxes and fibrous products
  • Screened fraction – various grit sizes can be separated according to paddle perforation
  • Optimal distribution to NIR (near-infrared) acceleration belt directly downstream
  • Adhesions on materials are shaken off

3D Animation of a Ballistic Separator


The STADLER® Ballistic Separator in Operation




   STADLER ® has been awarded several times Innovation Prizes for their smart
   solutions of separating unwanted substances out of mixed material compositions.

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